Sunday, January 3, 2010

Listen to Part 3 if nothing else...Temple Grandin

Just listened to a great Independent Minds program on NPR about Temple Grandin, the animal scientist with autism who is also known for inventing the "hug machine." I turned in on about 10 minutes in, thinking, "well, I've heard lots of interviews with her, I pretty much know her story, this won't be that new," but I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it helps that I now know autism more intimately than ever before or that the program delved a little deeper than just how she created humane cattle chutes and instead got into her mind and how she works.

The best part of the program though was Part 3, and if you click on the link above and only listen to one part, listen to Part 3. About the face of autism, what it is, why it's diagnosis is skyrocketing, explains the spectrum, varying symptoms and prognoses, possible origins, and how we really just.don't.know. There is supposed to be a script on the site soon and I'll post it here once it's available.

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